Some Linux observations…

My first blog about an issue that i’ve been feeling somewhat passionate about since the past few months. I managed to get my good ol’ desktop back in February. It just so happened that a colleague of mine handed me a CD containing Ubuntu, recommended to me that I try it out.

Now mind you, i’m no newbie to Linux. I’ve used Suse 9.0 in circa 2002 (yes, paid 75$ to buy it from BB) and tried installing it on my desktop. It brought me nothing but grief…the sound card wouldnt work…YaST was a mess, graphics card was a no-go…and the OS would crash often. Not to mention the OS, it would crash every now and then.

Zoom forward to 2007…we have new kids on the block…Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS..the old hats openSuSE from Suse and Fedora from RedHat.

Now, I inserted the CD into the CD-ROM drive…changed the BIOS settings to boot from the CD drive first..and voila…I was greeted by a nice little splash Ubuntu splash screen. Now this was something i’ve experienced. It took all of 2-3 mins for the system to bootup and greet me to a fresh looking desktop. I was amazed…and told myself..”Is this Linux?”.Gone was the endless command-line bootup, gone was the clumsy interface that called itself X-Windows and gone was the painful process of locating additional packages (more on that later)


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